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Shiseido New Body care
Indulge in the experience of luxury for perfectly harmonized, natural beauty.
The key to an ideal body is a firm, well-defined contour and smooth, glowing skin. This goal can be achieved when skin’s natural renewal cycle becomes optimized – vital nutrients are sufficiently provided while impurities and unwanted substances are effectively removed. Delivering breakthrough discoveries through a fusion of cutting-edge skincare technology with exclusive aromachology*, Shiseido launches a premier body care line inspired by the insights of Eastern medicine to promote healthy-looking skin. These advanced formulations are designed to deliver the maximum benefits of nutrient-rich botanical complexes, enhanced with the exhilarating rare fragrance of KUROHŌ, once treasured by ancient Japanese aristocrats. *Aromachology, a fusion of “aroma” and "physio-psychology," is a science that studies the effects of fragrances on mind and body. 

Produits Shiseido New Body care

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